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Rescue Pool Session

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It is import for all kayakers, no matter what their paddling aspirations, to be able to manage a capsize situation. This Rescue Pool Session will teach you the skills to be proficient at deep-water
kayak wet exit and recovery ie. capsizing your kayaking, exiting and getting back into your kayak in deep water.  We private hire an indoor-heated swimming pool for this session so you can learn these skills in a comfortable and safe environment. 

This 2-hour rescue session is conducted on the Friday evening before our Introduction to Sea Kayaking session on the Saturday. You can attend just this rescue pool session, but it is prerequisite of the Introduction to Sea Kayaking that all participants have completed a rescue pool session.

Roaring 40°s Kayaking will provide instructors, kayaks and equipment for all participants for this session.


Location: Kingston Pool
Time: 7 pm to 9 pm
Cost: $90 pp

2020/21 Dates:

Friday 16th October
Friday 20th November
Friday 11th December
Friday 12th February
Friday 12th March