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What is really needed to embark on a Roaring 40s Sea Kayaking Expedition

You don’t need to be a hard-core paddler, a bushwalking extraordinaire, or a highly experience outdoor enthusiast to enjoy what Roaring 40s Expeditions can offer.

While every-body is uniquely different, we wanted to share some indicators in your own paddling and fitness levels which can help you gauge if you are ready to embark on our multi day expeditions. here.


5 Useful Tips For A Wilderness Escape In Tasmania, Hobart

So, you’re planning a wilderness escape in Tasmania. Lucky you! To help you get the most out of your time in Hobart and beyond, read our five useful tips for a memorable getaway here.


What's on in Tassie this summer - 2021/22

With borders opening, there’s much to entice travellers and locals looking to enjoy our island state with a varied mix of events over coming months. Check out our new blog for a taster of what’s on offer here

Dan Watkins - Slalom Olympic Kayaker from TasmaniaDan Watkins - Tasmania's Olympic Kayaker

Dan is Tasmania’s home-grown Olympic hero, placing 10th in the C-1 slalom kayaking in the Tokyo Olympics. We were very excited to chat to him recently and ask about his Olympic experience. Read what he had to say here


Jenny Grundy sea kayaking Hobart

Together We Can

The Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) recently launched its Together We Can campaign, sharing the climate stories of everyday Australians and lobbying to cut climate pollution by 50% this decade.  Jenny was very excited to become involved and join a group of powerful storytellers — all of us sharing our unique reasons why we should, and can, work together to demand climate action now. Read more on her story here

Scrubba Wash Bag Review

Reg and Jen decided to test the Scrubba Wash Bag out on their recent travels  The used it regularly and it washed better than other camping washing options (i.e., Reg’s favourite - putting his socks under a rock in a flowing stream).  The agreed it would be a great addition for any kayaking trips. Read full review here.

September 2021

Linda Gaskell at work on an Antarctic adventureLinda Gaskell, Marine National Facility Voyage Delivery Co-Ordinator and Voyage Manager, CSIRO

Marine research ships Investigator and Aurora Australis have long been features of Hobart’s waterfront and always spark interest on our City Paddles. Curious about life on board we asked Voyage Delivery Co-ordinator/Voyage Manager, Linda Gaskell, about planning and working on research vessel (RV) Investigator. See what she said here

September 2021


Camp Hygiene - How not to drive your kayaking friends away!

Camp hygiene and staying clean on your kayaking adventure is crucial for you and your health as well as the health of your kayaking companions. Here are some or our simple wilderness hygiene tips to keep you fresh and healthy on any kayaking adventure.

April 2021

Roaring 40s Kayaking Best Kayakaing and Camping accessories

Reg's favourite kayaking accessories

During lockdown Reg had more time than normal to get online, searching the world wide web for even more kayaking and camping gear, and he sure did keep the postman busy!  So what were his favourite kayaking accessories? Find our here.

November 2020

Holiday Here This Year - Explore the Huon Valley

Roaring 40s Kayaking Blog - Holiday Here This Year in Tasmania

We encourage everyone to “Holiday Here This Year” and support operators across Australia after this devastating bushfire season.  Tasmania also has communities still affected from last summer’s fires. The Huon Valley, in southern Tasmania, was impacted by fires last year and the impacts are continuing to be felt in this region. The Huon Valley is a vibrant place that offers an abundance of experiences so add it to your Tasmania to-do list? 
Here’s some tips to get you started.

February 2020

Roaring 40s Kayaking Blog - Preparing for Kayaking ExpeditionsPreparing for kayaking expeditions

So you've booked a sea kayaking expedition into Southwest Tasmania or Flinders Island (or someother exotic location) and now your are wondering about the best preparation to get maximum enjoyment out of your dream sea kayaking expedition. Read here to find out a few things to set yourself up for that upcoming adventre. 

November 2019

Roaring 40s Kayaking Blog - Jens Tips for a long weekend in Hobart

Jen's tips for a long weekend in Hobart

So you’re booked on our 10am Saturday City Paddle and wondering how to fill in the rest of your long weekend in Hobart? This vibrant city offers a lot – from river to mountain to MONA, with bars, cafes and restaurants aplenty to sate the appetite and quench the thirst. Here’s Jen's tips and highlights for a truly Hobart package.

December 2019

Roaring 40s Kayaking Blog - Maugean Skate with Assoc Prof Neville  Barrett

Maugean Skate with Assoc Prof Neville Barrett

As we glide over the water in our kayaks, we’re always curious about what lays beneath. The Maugean skate (Zearaja maugeana) was first discovered in Bathurst Harbour in 1988. It’s been described as a relic from Gondwana, coming from a time before fish had bones.  We asked Associate Professor Neville Barrett what makes this unique creature so peculiar and intriguing. Find out more here

October 2019

Roaring 40s Kayaking Blog - Reg's Tips on cold vs warm weather paddling

Reg's tips on cold vs warm weather paddling

When Jenny and I were paddling recently in the warm waters of Vanuatu, we began pondering the differences between cold and warm water paddling. There is the obvious, more clothes vs less clothes, sun protection in hot climates, but in this blog I’ll talk about a few little secrets I’ve picked up along the way, including looking after you, your gear and your paddling friends. Start reading here

July 2019

Roaring 40s Kayaking Blog - 5 questions with Toni Cooper from Reef Life Survey5 questions with Toni Cooper from Reef Life Survey

While paddling we easily observe the natural environment above water but life below is often less clear. We do know it’s an amazing world of immense bio-diversity that constantly surprises with new discoveries. But it’s not just scientists doing the research, citizen science is making a huge contribution to research. Reef Life Survey (RLS) is a non-profit citizen science program based in Hobart and we asked Toni Cooper to explain how volunteers are helping expand our marine knowledge. Find our more here

July 2019

Roaring 40s Kayaking Blog - Eco Certified Advanced Ecotourism

What sustainable tourism means to us

When you live, work and play in a natural environment as spectacular as our island state, wanting to care for this place comes easily. We work hard to ensure our impact is as light as possible, to help others in conservation and to explain and share our ethos as widely as possible. We are also very proud of our Advanced Tourism Eco Certification, with annual audits ensuring we continue best practice. Check out more on what we do in our here.  

June 2019

Roaring 40s Kayaking Blog - Kayaking as you get older

Kayaking as you get older

Kayaking is a perfect activity as we get older, it is low impact and can improve your aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility. Every year we are inspired by paddlers in their 70s (and even their 80s) on our expeditions who keep up with (and often out paddle), people half their age. Getting older doesn’t have to mean the end of kayaking and camping. Read here for Reg’s top tips for kayaking (and camping) as you get older.

May 2019

Roaring 40s Kayaking Blog - Tasmanian Wombats on Maria IslandTasmanian Wombats

We love seeing the many (and so cute) wombats ambling around the stunning landscape of Flinders Island and are always keen to learn more about the wildlife we encounter. We caught up with UTAS researcher, Dr Scott Carver, to find out more about recent wombat research and another topical wombat issue, mange. Read more here

May 2019


Roaring 40s Kayaking Blog - The Cataract Gorge, LauncestonThe Cataract Gorge, Launceston

The Gorge means many things to many people. To those like Roaring 40s guide Tim, it’s a white water challenge when Hydro Tasmania boost the flows to create an adrenaline adventure. Walkers, joggers, runners and photographers roam the many paths of this tourism icon and it’s been treasured by settlers since 1804 and by our indigenous people for thousands of years. Discover more about the Cataract Gorge here

April 2019

Roaring 40s Kayaking Blog - History of the Iron Pot Lighthouse

History of the Iron Pot Lighthouse

As we glide over the water on our Cliffs, Caves and Beaches trip, our eyes often wander to the river mouth where the Iron Pot Lighthouse stands guard over the River Derwent. Curious about its history, we asked South Arm local, Kerry Scambler, to tell us more about this iconic sight.  Read more about this historic and fascinating lighthouse.

March 2019

Roaring 40s Kayaking Blog - 12 thinks you didn't know about Tassie

12 things you didn't know about Tassie

Tasmania is renowned for many things – clean, crisp air, breathtaking wilderness, long, white beaches and quirky locals – but there’s a few things about our island state that are often unknown to most. Being the second place of European settlement in Australia means the state boasts many “first this” and “oldest that” in the country. We also have the highest boat ownership in Australia and surprisingly the second-driest capital city.  Here’s a few more facts that might surprise and pique your interest.

January 2019

Roaring 40s Kayaking Blog - Why January is the best time to visit Tasmania

Why January is the best time to visit Tasmania 

The flipped seasons in Australia can be briefly confusing to people traveling from the Northern Hemisphere. The months that much of the world thinks of as winter are summer in Australia, and the best time to visit Tasmania. January may be the single best time to visit, simply because there happens to be a lot going on, in addition to being a great time to be paddling. Here are some of the reasons January may just be the best time to visit.

December 2018


Roaring 40s Kayaking Blog - 10 ways to minimise the impact of kayaking on the environment

10 ways to minimise the impact of kayaking on the environment

Meandering on a kayak is a blissful way for any traveller to be in touch with nature but the fact is that kayakers can upset the environment if not aware of how to minimise their impact. Together with Yakima we have put together some handy hints to considering before embarking on your next kayaking adventure. Read more here

November 2018


Roaring 40s Kayaking Blog - wukalina walk

wukalina walk

Tasmanian palawa Aboriginal Elder, Clyde Mansell is  the key proponent of wukalina walk – a three night, four day experience in the spectacular Bay of Fires in north eastern Tasmania - which has become Tasmania’s (and possibly the country’s) first Aboriginal owned and operated guided walk. Read more about Clyde and the walk here.

November 2018


Cycling Manali to LehRoaring 40s Kayaking Blog - Cycling from Manali to Leh

Reg and Jen recently cycled from Manali to Leh in the Indian Himalayas. It was an amazing journey, if hard cycling. Read more about their amazing adventure here.

September 2018


Reg's Pre-Season Kayak ChecklistRoaring 40s Kayaking Blog - Reg's Pre-season kayak checklist

While kayaks are very robust and don’t need a lot of maintenance, it is worth checking them out at least once a year to ensure they are safe and comfortable on the water. Reg has put together a checklist to help you out here.

August 2018


Tassie's Wine Trails

Roaring 40s Kayaking Blog - Tassie's wine trails

From the bubbles around your paddle to bubbles in your glass, Tasmania is world-class. There are over 95 cellar doors around the state, each loaded with its own character and style and Wine Tasmania has made it easy to navigate these yourself around with five new wine trails around the state. Find out more here.

31 May 2018


Roaring 40s Kayaking Blog - Weather Forecasts with Luke Johnson

Weather Forecasts with Luke Johnson

We spend our summer checking the BOM site, but the weather and forecasts often remain a bit of a mystery to us so we asked Luke Johnston, Senior Meteorologist with the Bureau of Meteorology, Tasmania a few questions we have all probably pondered at some time. Check out his answers here.

25 May 2018


Roaring 40s Kayaking Blog - Reg's Trips on Dry BagsReg's Tips on Dry Bags

Dry bags are essential kayaking equipment to keep your gear dry, but which ones do you choose? Reg has put together information on dry bags with his tips on materials, shapes, sizes and features along with what he takes on a kayaking expedition here.

28 February 2018



Roaring 40s Kayaking Blog - Mountain Biking in TasmaniaMountain Biking in Tasmania

If you’re coming to Tasmania for adventure, along with on-water kayaking we can highly recommend some land-based excitement of a different sort, especially if you love to hurtle. Reg, Jenny and Damo have been testing out the trails over the past few months and share our highlights as well as information on Tassie's world-class mountain biking adventure here.

12 February 2018


Roaring 40s Kayaking Blog - Saving teh Orange-bellied Parrot

Saving the Orange-bellied Parrot

The Orange-bellied Parrot is one of the world’s rarest and most endangered species with just 35 estimated left in the wild. We feel privileged that we often see them at their summer breeding ground at Melaleuca. So far this season, only 16 Orange-bellied Parrots have returned to Melaleuca and parrot experts are saying 'drastic intervention' is needed to save the species. Find out more on what is being done and how you can help here.

12 December 2017


Roaring 40s Kayaking Blog - Cr Rachael Alderman - The Shy Albatros ProgramDr Rachael Alderman - The Shy Albatross Program

Dr Alderman is an inspiring scientist who clearly loves what she does – managing the Shy albatross monitoring and research program and raising awareness of Tasmania’s own magnificent bird of the seas. We asked her five questions about the program and the conservation of the Shy albatross.

8 December 2018


Dressing for kayaking in Tasmania's Southwest

Roaring 40s Kayaking Blog - What to wear kayaking in Tasmania

The magnificent waters of Southwest Tasmania lie at 43 degrees south, in the direct path of the winds that sailors call the Roaring 40s (yep – hence our name!). Whilst most of the bad weather predictably arrives in the winter months, and often in summer there are long spells of sunny, mild (and sometimes hot) days, the conditions are changeable all year round. It’s a big part of the area’s special appeal and just means you have to be prepared for all kinds of weather, all year round. So what to wear? Read our new blog post here for our recommendations to keep you as happy as Reg and Tory in the pic adjacent!

11 October 2017


Roaring 40s Kayaking Blog - Hobarts diverse marketsHobart's diverse markets

This city has a lively vibe year round with all manner of activities to enjoy when you’re not on the water.  Our favourite markets are Hobart Twilight Market , Farmgate Market, Street Eats @ Franko and of course the Saturday institution of Salamanca Market. We think these four markets offer diverse experiences for visitors and locals alike. Find out more about each of these and other Hobart markets here.

8 October 2017


Tasman Island SealsRoaring 40s Kayaking Blog - Kayaking with seals on the Tasman Peninsula

With their playful, curious character and photogenic poses both in and out of the water, Australian Fur Seals are a favourite sight on our Tasman Peninsula paddles.  These days the seals seem plentiful but the population is continuing to rebuild after near extinction. Read more on the fourth rarest seal in the world here.

7 August 2017


Roaring 40s Kayaking Blog - Flinders Island kayaking

Flinders Island - "A trip to days gone by" 

We’ve spent quite a bit of time kayaking on stunning Flinders Island over the past few years, and every time it continues to surprise and delight us. The grand granite peaks rise from Bass Strait to look over the surrounding lush farmland and coastal bush. The waters are clear and the beaches long. It is also like stepping back in time with relaxed and friendly locals. Read more about why we love Flinders Island here.

18 May 2017

Roaring 40s Kayaking Blog - Tasmanian Craft BeerTasmanian Craft Beer

The waters of Tasmania are sensational for kayaking but they're also an essential part of the process that brews up some of the finest beers in the country. There is an increasing number of craft brewers making the most of the natural resources and vibrant culinary scene of our island state.  And we say cheers to that!

Read more about our beer history and where to find Tasmanian craft beers here.

15 May 2017


Roaring 40s Kayaking Blog - Kayak Hygiene - cleaning a kayakKayak Hygiene

Tasmania’s awesome wilderness waterways give us so much pleasure it would be devastating if we were actually responsible for putting a pristine area at risk. And just one drop of contaminated moisture on a kayak could do that. It's up to each of us to make sure we're not the ones carrying nasty hitchhikers out to ruin our magnificent natural environment, and with assistance from NRM South we have put together some tips here for ensuring your kayak is clean.

1 May 2017


Roaring 40s Kayaking Blog - The Benefits of Kayaking

Benefits of Kayaking

The feeling of bobbing around on the water and being immersed in the natural environment is benefit enough some would say, but there's more going on to make you feel even better. Physically you're working out, it’s great for de-stressing, and of course there's just the whole being outdoors thing. Read more about the benefits of kayaking here.

9th April 2017


Roaring 40s Kayaking Blog - The Jellyfish AppThe Jellyfish App

On the water we encounter many different creatures but perhaps one of the most mystifying is the jellyfish. For Hobart-based jellyfish expert Dr Lisa-ann Gershwin they provide a fascinating world to work in. Dr Gershwin and her business partners have developed The Jellyfish App to help identify jellyfish and treat their stings. Read more here.

6th April 2017

Roaring 40s Kayaking Blog - Deny King - King of the Wilderness

Deny King - King of the Wilderness

For over a hundred years (1900 to around 2010) only three families have lived long-term in the Bathurst Harbour and Port Davey region – the Kings, Claytons and Willsons. The most famous resident was Deny King, legendary bushman, tin miner, naturalist, artist and environmentalist, and a man who left an indelible mark on all who were privileged to meet him. Read more about the remarkable Deny King here.

18th February 2017




What makes a great paddling day?Roaring 40s Kayaking Blog - What makes a great paddling day

Here are some tips on how to have a good day on the water. It’s all about the planning and being aware of the environment you’re heading into. Click here for more information and links to our favourite weather sites.

17 February 2017


Tips for kayaking photography

Roaring 40s Kayaking Blog - Tip for kayaking photography

Kayaking not only offers a range of experiences – adventure, exploration and sometimes just sheer relaxation and the feel of being on the water. It can also take you to places you simply can't reach on foot and gives you a perspective unlike any other. And very often you'll want to capture the images from those experiences. Taking photos from a kayak could seem quite a tricky process but here are a few tips to keep in mind.

11th January 2017


The Spotted Handfish: Hobart’s HeroRoaring 40s Kayaking Blog - The Spotted Handfish - Hobart's Hero

Beneath our kayaks, a fish ‘walks’ along the sandy floor. Preferring to walk on its ‘hands’ rather than swim, the Spotted Handfish has been around for an incredible fifty million or so years, and yet although once inhabiting rivers around the world it is sadly now critically endangered and found only in Hobart's Derwent River. Read more about this amazing little fish here.

19 November 2016


Reg’s tips on purchasing a sea kayakRoaring 40s Kayaking Blog - Reg's tips on purchasing a sea kayak

We’re often asked “what kayak should I purchase”, so as we come into the summer paddling season and the popular Christmas kayak purchases, Reg thought he’d put together some tips. Check them out here.

19 November 2016





Roaring 40s Kayaking Blog - 15 Best Tasmanian Landmarks

15 best Tasmanian Landmarks

Here's a challenge - try not to be inspired by Tasmania's unspoiled coastlines, lush rainforests, crisp lakes, and ruggedly handsome mountains. To help you plan your visit to Tasmania , we've compiled a list of what we think are the best landmarks around the island. Click here to get your imagination going, then create your own Tasmania plan.  

3 November 2016


Roaring 40s Kayaking Blog - Bathurst Harbour Southwest National Park Tasmania

Bathurst Harbour - a drowned river valley

It’s hard to believe the UNESCO World Heritage Wilderness Region of Bathurst Harbour was once a large, dry plain. Rising sea levels some 7,000 years ago flooded the entire area creating a water wonderland three times the size of Sydney Harbour, Bathurst Harbour. Click here to read more.

29 September 2016