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Roaring 40°s  Kayaking has been kayaking in Tasmania since 1998. Since then we have introduced many people to the beauty and wonder of the special Southwest Tasmanian wilderness area as well as kayaking adventures on Hobart's stunning waterways. Here's what some of them have told us about their experience (for more reviews checkout our TripAdvisor page).

Brilliant staff, top logistics and high quality equipment - all delivered in the surrounds of one of the most beautiful places in the world. Fantastic result and experience.
Ross - April 2019 (via TripAdvisor)

We did 3 tours with Roaring 40's - Tasman Peninsula, Hobart Cliffs Caves and Beaches and Bathurst Harbour (South West Tassie). They were all excellent - well organised, with experienced, knowledgeable and friendly guides, good equipment and great food. Tasman Peninsula tour included huge sea cliffs and lots of friendly seals. Cliffs and caves had a real seal cave and lunch at a fossil beach. Bathurst Harbour had awesome scenery and great facilities. All three paddles were different.
Theresa - April 2019 (via TripAdvisor)

Great times had. Good instruction, beautiful scenery, excellent equipment and kept up to date very well with changes etc. Will do again.
Jeffrey - April 2019 (via TripAdvisor)

The paddling! Just loved seeing Flinders from the sea. Competency of the guides in reading the conditions of the sea and always ensuring we were safe. Using as much locally made/produced food from the Island. Proximity of the accommodation to the sea.
Ingrid - March 2019

Had a wonderful holiday in a stunning place and were amazingly well looked after. We kayaked along some beautiful coast, with lots of small bays and rock formations to investigate. Really good mix of kayaking and also time to relax and enjoy.
Anne - March 2019

Thoroughly professional team providing an opportunity for people to access a truly beautiful part of our country. Faultlessly organised, with excellent equipment ,facilities ,food and guides. What isn't to love about it !!
Jenny - March 2019

An exceptional adventure travel company. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable (and entertaining and good humoured) guides were able to take advantage of every weather event to allow us to expeirence many aspects of this amazing wilderness area. Outstanding organisation, excellent food and all equipment supplied was ideal for conditions and in good repair. We couldn't have asked for more.
GrandTour419733 - February 2019 (via TripAdvisor)

A very professional company. Safety was a no 1 priority felt safe and supported at all times. Loved the fish and chips whilst in teh kayaks. Great host Damo you were amazing, kind with a great personailty so much knowledge. A credit to your company. Thank yo ufor making it my best booked tour thus far on the cruise. Highly recommended. 
Wendy - January 2019 (via Facebook)

Beyond our expectations, been in a kayak once in our lives but this was the best day experience we've had in ages! Great team, great fun, great lunch adnmost of all spectacular scenery. If we can paddle all day anyone can!
Tracy - January 2019 (via TripAdvisor)

Mindblowing. I can't think of a better way to be truly immersed in the spectacular Tasmanian wilderness.
Scott - January 2019

The whole thing was professional and faultless. Love it all.
Anna - December 2018

We did the Hobart waterfront tour - w hours of paddling around the foreshore and docks getting a unique view of Hobart. The fish and chips in Constitution Dock is an extra bonus. I grew up in Hobart and spent a lot of time on the water, but this one one of the best experiences I have had in Hobart. If you have a few hours spare nd want to see Hobart in a new way then book a tour!
DNAtimelord - Decmeber 2018 (via TripAdvisor)

This was long awaited and anticipated and worth it all! The logistics and guiding were expert and faultless. There were no moments without absolute confidence and the gear was immaculately selected and maintained. It was a blast! Flinders Island is stunning and like a trip to days gone by when the world was beautiful. We've learnt so much from Roaring 40's and enjoyed every minute. Can't wait for the next trip and will go again. Recommend to everyone.
Ivan and Alison - April 2017

The 7 day kayak trip throughout Bathurst Harbour and Port Davey is a must do! Beautiful rugged scenery, remote beaches & unique wildlife make this place stand-out. Roaring 40s is well organised with passionate hard-working guides. Great food to boot! You need to put in a little energy and may need to tough-out some inclement weather but the rewards are plentiful!
Make Time - Book It!|
David - March 2017

Want to enjoy a good weeks paddling with great accommodation, excellent food and challenging paddling conditions during the day. Then join Roaring 40's on Flinders island in the Bass strait for exciting times.
Rudolf - March 2017

The 7 Day Wilderness on Water is the most amazing experience. There's no other way to get this up close and personal with Tassie at its best, and Roaring 40s Kayaking are the best people to make sure you get the most out of your trip. Professional, experienced, friendly, knowledgeable- they go out of their way to give you the trip of a lifetime. Expectations exceeded? Totally! Would I go again? In a heartbeat!
Kathy - March 2017

Roaring 40's is a very well run outfit. Feeling safe on the water because of their knowledge of weather and their skills with kayaking was very important to me. The guides have excellent group leadership and interpersonal skills, and a fantastic ability to combine knowledge of geography, natural history, european and indigenous history and the flaura and fauna of the area.
Don - March 2017

The most amazing expedition that has positively affected my life forever.
Simone - March 2017

Definitely the best sea kayaking experience I've had. The guides were wonderful, the scenery breath taking and the paddling superb, even a little hairy at times. Thanks to the Roaring 40s Team.
Richard - Feb 2017

This was a great trip. I will do this again, if the body is willing, many times. As you know, the quality of the guides is everything on these trips. No matter how good the water, gear or scenery - guides are the key. These two (Tom and Kat) the best I have met. They worked very hard. I learnt lots. Well done.
Phil - Feb 2017

Couldn't fault this trip. Hard to think of how it could be improved. Tori and Damo were both fantastic. We were fortunate enough to have perfect weather and a good group of people. Thanks to all.
Dave - Feb 2017

Thanks for making the trip so amazing, really one of the best trips I have ever made! The guides were wonderful!!! Happy, helpful and exceedingly hard working, such good spirits! Safe hands and great fun to travel with.
John - Jan 2017

A really wonderful trip. Well organised, great food, comfortable gear. Daily trips varied and exciting with magnificent scenery.
Joan - Jan 2017

Jenny and Reg are running a wonderful operation on the water. The equipment, organisation and attention to client needs were all first rate.
David - Dec 2016

Thank you Reg and Kat for a truly wonderful Kayaking trip on Bathurst Harbour. The experience was such fun and so memorable. Very highly recommended to anyone with a love of the outdoors, sense of adventure and appreciation of the Tasmanian Wilderness. I'm looking forward to my next trip with Roaring 40s. 
Kathryn - March 2016

One of the best tours i did while in Tassie. Our guide Dan was great, very profesional but relaxed and informative. Great to see Hobart CBD up close from the water, we even got to watch a seal feeding on a large fish up very close. Already planning the next kayaking tour i will do with Roaring 40s on my next trip to Tassie.
Andrew - via TripAdvisor March 2016

Amazing trip! I would recommend you do it if you have a day to spare in Hobart!  The guide was great. Very knowledgable about the local area and wildlife. During the paddle we explored some of the nooks and crannies in the cliffs including going into a cave and threading between some rocks, this added a great deal of fun and added some excitement to the day. The scenery was outstanding. The lunch that was provided was delicious and there was lots to go about, I am a big eater and took extra snacks just in case but never had to touch them. I can't imagine a better way to explore the area!
Robert - via TripAdvisor March 2016

Thank you Reg and Kat for a truly wonderful Kayaking trip on Bathurst Harbour. The experience was such fun and so memorable. Very highly recommended to anyone with a love of the outdoors, sense of adventure and appreciation of the Tasmanian Wilderness. I'm looking forward to my next trip with Roaring 40s.
Kathryn - March 2016

A wonderful way of experiencing the glorious South West Wilderness. I appreciated the flexibility of the schedule, to make the most of the weather conditions, and the abilities and the interests of the group. The guides were helpful and knowledgeable, the equipment excellent and the other group members were great. It all made for a very special week.
Lynda - Feb 2016

Best group adventure experience of my life. everything was well organised. Every part was interesting and spectacular - the plane flights in and out, the natural beauty, the history, the interesting stories and info provided by the guides, the paddling tips. All was beyond my expectation. You need to be reasonably fit and ready to put up a tent and organise yourself, but the guides take care of everything else, food, etc. Remarkably good food for the constraints imposed by taking everything with us for 7 days. fresh fruit for breakfast every day, wow.
Wayne - Feb 2016

This was such a fantastic trip, that I am seriously thinking about going again. The waterways of Bathurst Harbour and Port Davey are so beautiful and wild, and it was great to be able to experience them in all their grandeur. The organisation for our trip was excellent, and our guides were impressive in their ability to help us achieve so much with the right balance of safety and challenge, in their knowledge of the area, and in their ability to feed us so well! Although we had some "interesting" weather, with the guidance of Tory and Damian and the quality gear, we were able to do far more than I had expected, and I simply had a wonderful time. I recommend this for anyone who'd like to experience some of Tasmania's wilderness up close and personal, with a little adventure, style, education, challenge, relaxation, and fun.
Helen - via TripAdvisor Feb 2016

Despite doing prior research, we were constantly surprised by so much on this 7 day expedition - the organization, the attention to detail, the commitment to our comfort and safety, the quality of the gear, and the calibre of our 2 amazingly hardworking professional yet amiable guides, Tim and Tori, for whom nothing was too much trouble. But most of all by the places we went, the beauty, the wildness & serenity, the paddling (sometimes challenging us to achieve beyond our own expectations) the walking & the daily swimming. All but one in our party of 9 were far from 'spring chickens' but still clocked some 20+ km days - from Melaleuca airstrip to Settlement Point on the Davey River and back again! A once-in-a-lifetime unforgettable experience. Thank you Jenny & Roaring 40's Kayaking.
Don - via TripAdvisor Feb 2016

My partner & I went on the HOBART CITY KAYAK tour. I was quite nervous when making the booking as I had not kayaked before & really wasn't sure if I'd like it or if my partner would like it as this was a surprise for him. We both had such an amazing time , honestly was the most fun I've had in a long time. Our tour guide Damien was great, he was very helpful & friendly ,made us both feel very comfortable. Damien was very knowledgeable & gave us lots of history about the sites we seen along the way & also told us other awesome things to do whilst in Hobart. The fish & chips that's included in the tour was super tasty! The fish was perfect! So if like me your unsure and a bit nervous just do it, book it and I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Great for all ages & all fitness levels. Thanks for a super awesome time. 10/10
Jess - via TripAdvisor Jan 2016

We did this tour with our three kids aged 14, 13 and 9. It was a fantastic experience for the whole family. The guides, Damien & Dan were friendly, knowledgeable and made us feel completely safe & comfortable - even when the water near Sandy Bay was a little choppy. Our kids rated this as one of the highlights of our two weeks in Tassie & we agree. It's a great perspective from which to see Battery Point, Salamanca and the port - and you even get fish & chips on the water! Highly recommended.
Ben - via TripAdvisor Jan 2016

This was an unforgettable experience. The wilderness belonged to our group for a week with our only sightings of humans being a few yachties. The tour program for the seven days was first class and the tour guides, Tory and Tim were fantastic.
Richers - Jan 2016

Our 7 day paddling adventure in the Tasmanian wilderness area was just fantastic.  Roaring 40's are the most professional outfit.  Great guides, great canoes, unbelievable food and kayaking in a variety of conditions.  A dream trip.  10 out of 10.

Rob - Jan 2016

I just completed the 7 day Port Davey paddle and could not recommend it more. Port Davey and surrounds is a stunning part of the world and what better way to see such secluded beauty than by kayak? I had done a bit of sea kayaking prior to the trip and, while in my 50's, am moderately fit. I found some of the paddling challenging but never too hard despite getting a bit of dinkum South West weather. Do it! It is a great great experience. 
And then there is the organisation. Reg and Jenny seem to have developed a very efficient system. Everything seemed to be easy and work, from booking to information to all the logistics of making this adventure holiday easy for us paddlers.
And then there are the guides ..... Tim and Tory were really really good. Expert paddlers, safe, brilliant itinerary planners, know the culture, geography, geology, weather, great cooks and above all, just genuinely nice people who managed a diverse group with great finesse. Nothing was too much trouble. Problems were solved before they even became problems.
I hope any future tours I do around the world that I get guides this good - or preferably them again.
Tim - via TripAdivsor Jan 2016

I would highly recommend this trip and would do another one at the drop of a hat. Everything was well-organised, exciting, interesting, and enriching. I came away with new skills, a greater appreciation of this area of Tasmania, and refreshed. Thanks so much.
Alison - Dec 2016

This was the perfect way to see some of Tasmania's most untouched and beautiful landscape. I never felt out of my depth on the trip, I had fun and made some great friends. We were so lucky with the weather, which meant exploring so much of the area- woohoo! It was an expedition of a lifetime for me, that is for sure.
Meredith - Dec 2016

Our 7 day paddling adventure in the Tasmanian wilderness area was just fantastic. Roaring 40's are the most professional outfit. Great guides, great canoes, unbelievable food and kayaking in a variety of conditions. A dream trip. 10 out of 10.
Rob - Nov 2016

Definately the most memorable kayaking trip we have ever done.
Bette and Dave - April 2015

I strongly recommend this 3 day kayaking venture because of the glorious country, the excellent organisation and the very knowledgeable and most pleasant guides, Reg and Tory. The care they took of us, and especially of me, being of an an advanced age, was special and I do thank them. Also thanks to Jenny who was a wonderfully communicative, organised and helpful PR person
Pat - Feb 2015

What a wonderful experience! Superb scenery, great guides, delicious food.
Kate - Feb 2015

This trip gets full marks from me. It was one of the best holidays ever and the guides were also the best ever, Reg and Jake take a bow!! Sensible and safe, but also fun, considerate, competent, great cooks, always apparently relaxed, but tirelessly hardworking, above all professional. The hardest part was getting used to being home again.
Anne - Jan 2015

Awesome trip. Environment, camp, guides and equipment all first class. Lack of mobile phone coverage for the kids topped it off! Didn't want to leave!
Chris - Jan 2015

Our Tasmania adventure found us with more time without our mobiles and iPads. Peace. The overland track was great ........ However, Robert and I cannot stop talking about our time kayaking in the south west and the great group of people with us and our outstanding guides. Memorable indeed. Incredible.
Annie and Robert - Jan 2015

We really enjoyed the trip and we think it was excellent in all respects. The country is beautiful, Reg and Jake did a great job planning and leading, the kayaking was fun (learnt a lot about kayaking and kayak trips) , the food was astonishing, the equipment was high quality, the communication was clear, the group was multifaceted, the sea eagles were white breasted and the cormorants were Great. The sun shone the rain fell the tides ebbed and flowed the wind blew the moon rose the mountains stood the ocean rolled the Maugean Skate lurked even the halocline did its stuff. Plus - the dance steps from “the glory days at the blue light disco” were an unexpected bonus! So, thanks!
Rowan - January 2015

I would just like to say a big thank you to you both.  That Saturday morning with Reg doing the Sea Kayak Introduction, and the Rescue Session was the highlight of my Tassie trip.  It was an absolute blast. 
Martin - January 2015

Thanks again for arranging our day paddle in Fortescue Bay, we had a great time, the gear and organization was excellent, and our guides Tori and Matt were great! We also like the pictures of our trip that you posted on your Facebook page. I hope we can come back for more padding sometime in the future!
Justin and Samy - December 2014

We had such a wonderful time kayaking (on the Hobart City Kayak) and the lads were perfect tour guides. Thank you.
Polly - November 2014

Wow! - Our 7d trip to Bathurst Harbour is now almost 2 month ago... but to be honest, everyday I find myself daydreaming about this awesome time with you out there...….. thanks for the great memories and thank you so much for that unforgetable time! And it also reminded me  that I should definitely think about changing my profession! - so if you need a kayaking guide next season... just let me know! ;-) - and by the way, .... guides like you Reg and Tory are unbeatable and are beside the astonishing nature a major part to make it unforgetable!!! So, to both of you thank you so much again! 
Jens - March 2014

One of the best experience I have had. Bathurst Harbour/Port Davey is unique - I don't know of any other major enclosed waterway in the world that has been left in its natural state. The wilderness scenery is spectacular with numerous mountains and a myriad of islands and bays. Besides having a great location to paddle there were several things that made this a top shelf experience:

1) The two guides were fantastic. They put in a superb effort to ensure we were looked after in all areas. Besides being very capable they both had great personalities that made for enjoyable company. I cannot speak highly enough of them.
2) The preparation behind the whole expedition was obviously very thorough as nothing was missing and everything went very smoothly.
Simon - January 2014

This trip exceeded our expectations and we are happy to recommend it to others (as we are by word of mouth). The food was delicious, the facilities great, the guides knowledgable and reassuring and fun. Southwest Tassie scenery was spectacular and a trip that should be done. A shame that not everyone knows. Great value for money too.
Dawn and David - January 2014

A wonderful week altogether. I absolutely loved it. It was an amazing experience to get to spend 6 days paddling through such spectacular scenery. The organisation of the trip was perfect, everything ran seamlessly and the standard was far higher than I had expected for such a location. The food in particular, both in quality and quantity, was far better than I had hoped for. I had been concerned over my lack of kayaking experience, but this was never a problem - Mark and Jenny made sure I always felt comfortable and safe. I was really impressed by their dedication, professionalism and tireless enthusiasm. A fantastic trip, thank you.
Stine (via TripAdvisor) - December 2013

This was a fantastic trip. The scenery, food and accommodation plus incredibly stable kayaks made it thoroughly enjoyable for people of even modest paddling skills. We particulary appreciated the individual paddling technique instruction that we were provided with and hope to put that to good use in our future endeavours. 
Richard - December 2013

Great place, great people, great time.
Dale - December 2013

Brilliant week-long trip from Melaleuca to Port Davey with Roaring 40s - can't recommend you guys highly enough! This really is a special place, and we got to experience many of the area's beaches, campsites and walking tracks. A highlight for me was the paddle around Breaksea Islands to Spain Bay, getting a sense of the power of the open ocean as we paddled on the seawards side. Our guide Reggie was very capable, assuring and informative throughout our trip and has a thorough understanding of kayaking and the area we were in. On our final full day we also walked up Mt Stokes which gave us a commanding view of the area and provided a vista of all the bays we had been to over previous days. The double kayaks were so stable and I had no doubt that they would stay upright in virtually any condition. Awesome - thanks Roaring 40s for a great week in SW Tasmania, something I won't forget!
Jason (via TripAdvisor) - December 2013

The Roaring 40s team provided us with a really fun 6 day trip in the south-west. All aspects of the trip were well organised, the food delicious (way beyond what we expected in these harsh conditions) and the equipment of a high standard. Mark is clearly experienced in the south-west region and this knowledge ensured that we made the most of the weather windows, camped in lovely locations and got up close with the cliffs and wildlife. Being comfortable in the outdoors and paddling generally, the trip was still a positive challenge, albeit a comfortable one with wine, roomy tents and aperitif's every evening! I would definitely recommend this trip as value for money to have a fun adventure in this remote part of the world.
Megan (via TripAdvisor) - December 2013

We had an awesome trip with Roaring 40s Kayaking, the scenery is spectacular, the food was great and the guides were very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. It's a unique experience that will definately be a highlight of my travel in Tasmania.
Aude - December 2013

Bathurst Harbour is beautiful and very special. My partner and I appreciated Reg and Tory's clear love for the location and their skills and knowledge both in terms of kayaking and camping and in terms of knowing the local history, geography, climte, flora and fauna. All this helped us appreciate and enjoy the location that much more.
Albion - December 2013

Our paddling day in beautiful Tasmania was just fabulous. The trip was so well organised and as beginners we felt in safe hands, We just relaxed and took in the world from the water. The double kayaks were such a great way to share the experience with the kids and the guides were a lot of fun. This was such a wonderful experience, can't wait to get out on the water again. 
Janette (via TripAdvisor) - December 2013

Mark & Jenny, the owners of Roaring 40s were so helpful throughout the entire booking process and the day of our tour. Although, the weather wasn't perfect, Mark really made the tour fun and as a first time sea kayaker, myself, he made sure that I was comfortable with any situation. A one day tour was outstanding, and because of the wonderful experience and fabulous way we were treated we are hoping to book a multiple day excursion with Roaring 40s our next trip to Tasmania. Thanks for a great day, Mark and Jenny! 
Klea (via TripAdvisor) - November 2013

We really enjoyed the full day kayaking tour. It was an unforgettable experience for us, even hadn't we seen stranded dolphins up close. Seals, seagulls, seaweed were aplenty; that just showed how natural and untouched the area was. Mark & Jake (the guides) were very knowledgeable and informative, and they were more than able to pick up our slack in paddling. ;-) 
Simply amazing and definitely recommending this tour to anyone who visit Hobart!
Chairunnandas (via TripAdvisor) - October 2013