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Flinders Island Experience

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  • Flinders Island kayaking
  • Flinders Island kayaking

Touring Flinders Island

On land offers a dramatic array of scenery – lush countryside, granite mountains, white beaches and secluded bays. But seeing this island from the water intensifies its magnificence. As you're skimming over the blue waters surrounding the island, it seems the mountains rise from the sea and stand as granite overlords to the paddocks, bush and coastline.

The beaches are often bereft of humans with just the birds and wildlife and on the water the feeling is the same; just the birds above and the fishlife in the clear waters below.

Flinders Island weather and itinerary 

Due to the variability of the weather (including those Roaring 40s winds) and the range of options available to us on Flinders Island we have no fixed schedule. Whilst we do our best to fulfil the wishes and aspirations of our participants, our first priority is participant safety. The number of days paddling and the number of hours in the kayaks on each of those days is highly variable and dependent upon both participants and conditions. Our guides are highly experienced at optimising day plans to make the most of prevailing conditions. You can expect beautiful sandy beaches, rocky crags, blue seas and mountain views. 

On a typical day we will aim to kayak for approximately 2-3 hours in the morning and 2-3 hours in the afternoon. 

There may also be days when kayaking is not possible due to strong winds. We therefore recommend bringing footwear and clothing suitable for walking on these days.

Flinders Island life

We have spent many weeks over the past two years exploring Flinders Island, meeting the local folk and making some great friendships.  We love how laidback island life is and we love sharing some of the stunning coastal scenery and hidden gems we have found. There's also an abundance of fresh, local food to enjoy and the chance to meet some of the interesting characters that make up the wonderful community on Flinders Island. And that includes the abundance of wildlife – wombats, wallabies, Cape Barren Geese to mention a few.

With seats in kayaks limited to just eight guests, your Flinders Island experience will be personal and without doubt, one to remember.