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The Benefits of Kayaking

Roaring 40s Kayaking blog - The benefits of Kayaking - Kayaker on Port DaveyThe feeling of bobbing around on the water and being immersed in the natural environment is benefit enough some would say, but there's more going on to make you feel even better.

Physically you're working out – the paddling and water resistance helps build muscles not just in your arms. Using correct technique for paddling makes sure the musles in your core and legs are getting some attention too! (Reg likes to tell us we will have a 6 pack stomach after his paddling sessions - but we are still waiting for this!) The consistent effort is also a great way to get your heart rate up without stress on your joints.

Mentally, whether you're just gently paddling, drifting along as the waters take you or battling rapids, kayaking offers a great way to de-stress and clear the head. You're either taking in what's around you or concentrating on just where that next wave or rapid is going to land you. Either way your mind is somewhere else and less stressed.

Plus of course, there's just the whole being outdoors thing with sunshine and vitamin D. Take your paddling to the next level with whitewater challenges and long journeys to build your confidence and self-esteem as well.

And then there's the memories you make on these journeys, short or long, that can take you back whenever you need some inspiration.

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