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Flinders Island

"A trip to days gone by"

Roaring 40s Kayaking blog - multiday tour kayaking Flinders IslandWe’ve spent quite a bit of time kayaking on this spectacular island over the past few years, and every time it continues to surprise and delight us.

Flinders Island is like stepping back in time. If you thought Tasmanians were relaxed, Flinders is another step beyond. You only start a conversation with a local if you have time on your side, but we can’t help starting the conversations whenever we get the chance to hear the colourful stories.


Roaring 40s Kayaking blog - Wombats on Flinders Island on a sea kayaking adventure

One of the interesting locals is Kate Mooney, known as the Wombat Lady of Flinders Island. Kate has nursed more than 100 wombats back to health over the years and her latest charge, Derek the Wombat, is now an international social media celebrity! We loved meeting Derek and the other wombats in her care.

The friendly tradition of lifting your finger from the steering wheel to wave at passing motorists is also a favourite of ours. We may only spend a few weeks on Flinders at a time, but we immediately feel part of the community as we exchange a wave on the road.

The scenery is stunning for exploration by kayaking but tides do need to be watched. With careful route planning we made sure we were paddling with the tides as it meant we could sit in the kayaks and cruise along travelling about 2 kms per hour without putting a paddle in the water. We could chat to our paddling companions, take photos and just sit back and soak up the scenery.

Roaring 40s Kayaking blog - Adventures on Flinders Island Kayaking TripsSome of our favourite moments were stopping for lunches on deserted sandy beaches surrounded by granite boulders. After tucking into fresh local produce for lunch, some would enjoy a quick swim before re-launching the kayaks to explore further along the coastline.

Farming is one of the main industries on Flinders Island, so it’s no surprise that the fresh produce is amazing with the salt grass lamb one of the favourite meals. And surprise, surprise, being an island surrounded by water, the seafood was remarkable as well.

Roaring 40s Kayaking blog - Kayaking adventures on Flinders IslandFlinders Island is simply stunning. The grand granite peaks rise from Bass Strait seas to look over the surrounding lush farmland and coastal bush. The waters are clear and the beaches long and although the famous Killecrankie diamonds were elusive, hunting for them along the beach is a joy on its own.


But don’t just take our word for how beautiful this island is – here’s a few comments from those who have joined our adventures on Flinders Island:


These were some of the best days paddling I have ever done, and I have paddled in many countries over many years. Tim

The location and kayaking was varied, and the trip offers an experience in a unique and beautiful part of Australia known by only a few. Sharon and Harm

It was a blast! Flinders Island is stunning and like a trip to days gone by when the world was beautiful. Ivan and Alison

Explore by kayak the stunning white beaches, secluded bays and rocky granite headlands of Tasmanian's beautiful Flinders Island with us. Click here for trip dates, information and booking.