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Green Guardians Program

Make a difference by joining one of our Green Guardians tours

voluntourism volunteer tourism Green GuardiansEco-conscious travellers are invited to participate in the Green Guardians program which provides sustainable travel experiences in Tasmania’s national parks and reserves. Projects undertaken are chosen by Tasmania's Parks and Wildlife Service rangers to meet the conservation needs of national parks or reserves as well as sustaining the natural and cultural values inherent within them. All projects are chosen to ensure the conservation work carried out will make a tangible difference. 

Our specific project has been chosen by Tasmanian Parks staff and scientists to make a tangible difference to the conservation work carried out in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. This important work will provide you with a deeper understanding into these internationally unique values and an opportunity to contribute during your tour with us.  This work will include monitoring and recording Tasmania’s sensational wildlife and supporting a carnivore dietary study. This project will encompass only a small component of your overall tour, does not require any specialist skills and is purely voluntary.

After visiting this beautiful & remote part of the world we know you’ll feel as passionately about conserving it as we do. Ask about undertaking our Green Guardian tour here.