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News and stories from Roaring 40°s Kayaking

Kayaking Fortescue Bay on the Tasman PeninsulaBenefits of Kayaking

The feeling of bobbing around on the water and being immersed in the natural environment is benefit enough some would say, but there's more going on to make you feel even better. Physically you're working out, it’s great for de-stressing, and of course there's just the whole being outdoors thing. Read more about the benefits of kayaking here.

9th April 2017


Jellyfish AppThe Jellyfish App

On the water we encounter many different creatures but perhaps one of the most mystifying is the jellyfish. For Hobart-based jellyfish expert Dr Lisa-ann Gershwin they provide a fascinating world to work in. Dr Gershwin and her business partners have developed The Jellyfish App to help identify jellyfish and treat their stings. Read more here.

6th April 2017

Deny King at Melaleuca, 1981-photo Tom Coles

Deny King - King of the Wilderness

For over a hundred years (1900 to around 2010) only three families have lived long-term in the Bathurst Harbour and Port Davey region – the Kings, Claytons and Willsons. The most famous resident was Deny King, legendary bushman, tin miner, naturalist, artist and environmentalist, and a man who left an indelible mark on all who were privileged to meet him. Read more about the remarkable Deny King here.

18th February 2017




What makes a great paddling day?Kayaking in waves

Here are some tips on how to have a good day on the water. It’s all about the planning and being aware of the environment you’re heading into. Click here for more information and links to our favourite weather sites.

17 February 2017



Paddling into Blackmans Bay Blowhole Tasmania

Kayaking not only offers a range of experiences – adventure, exploration and sometimes just sheer relaxation and the feel of being on the water. It can also take you to places you simply can't reach on foot and gives you a perspective unlike any other. And very often you'll want to capture the images from those experiences. Taking photos from a kayak could seem quite a tricky process but here are a few tips to keep in mind.

11th January 2017


The Spotted Handfish: Hobart’s HeroThe Spotted Handfish - Credit: Rick Stuart-Smith / Reef Life Survey

Beneath our kayaks, a fish ‘walks’ along the sandy floor. Preferring to walk on its ‘hands’ rather than swim, the Spotted Handfish has been around for an incredible fifty million or so years, and yet although once inhabiting rivers around the world it is sadly now critically endangered and found only in Hobart's Derwent River. Read more about this amazing little fish here.

19 November 2016


Reg’s tips on purchasing a sea kayakTest our your sea kayak before you buy

We’re often asked “what kayak should I purchase”, so as we come into the summer paddling season and the popular Christmas kayak purchases, Reg thought he’d put together some tips. Check them out here.

19 November 2016





Mount Nelson Lookout

15 best Tasmanian Landmarks

Here's a challenge - try not to be inspired by Tasmania's unspoiled coastlines, lush rainforests, crisp lakes, and ruggedly handsome mountains. To help you plan your visit to Tasmania , we've compiled a list of what we think are the best landmarks around the island. Click here to get your imagination going, then create your own Tasmania plan.  

3 November 2016


Bathurst Harbour Southwest National Park Tasmania

Bathurst Harbour - a drowned river valley

It’s hard to believe the UNESCO World Heritage Wilderness Region of Bathurst Harbour was once a large, dry plain. Rising sea levels some 7,000 years ago flooded the entire area creating a water wonderland three times the size of Sydney Harbour, Bathurst Harbour. Click here to read more.

29 September 2016