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Your Adventure Begins Here

Roaring 40°s Kayaking offers premium sea kayaking eco-tours into the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area that range from three to seven days as well as day tours in some of the most beautiful waterways surrounding Hobart. We also offer instructional lessons for the beginner paddler and kayak rentals.

If you are looking for that once in a lifetime adventure experience... then this is it.

Why "Roaring 40°s Kayaking"?

The Roaring 40°s are the westerly winds associated with the latitudes of approximately 40 degrees in the southern hemisphere and the predominant trade winds in Tasmania. These winds blow mostly during spring, and to a lesser extent, autumn. They have influenced the entire island of Tasmania and have created some of the most spectacular and unique habitat on earth, including Tasmania's Wilderness World Heritage listed rainforests and buttongrass moorlands. Old sailing ships used the Roaring 40°s to make fast passages to and from Australia.